Friulane Mary Jane Shoe

$120.00 $120.00

Friulane shoes are named after the region in northeastern Italy where they originated. In the 19th century, these shoes were originally work clogs made from scrap materials and objects, including recycled bicycle tires for the soles. They eventually became popular party shoes in Venice, with noble families designing their own styles. After World War II, gondoliers in Venice began wearing Friulane because they did not damage the gondolas. Today, Friulane shoes are popular in Italian sustainable fashion.

Our Friulane shoes by Lis furlanis are made by hand using recycled materials in the traditional manner, including used bicycle tires for the soles. Friulane shoes are timeless, genderless, and suitable for any season. They are a universal footwear option that is good for the planet and look great with any outfit, from jeans to evening dresses and everything in between. They can be worn on the beach, on the road, or at home.